Interferometer Riken FI-21

Riken FI-21 Anesthetic Gas Indicator measures the concentration of the vaporizer output (vaporizer) using digital display and does not require repair factors. Concentrations size in percent for desflurane (Suprane), Sevoflurane, Isoflurane (Forane) and Halothane. FI-21 Battery operation allows users to choose a carrier gas (O2 or air) and has an internal pump.








Gas leak detector 

The type of equipment used to detect gas leaks and the interface with the control system so that the process can be automatically shut down. A gas detector can sound an alarm to the operator in the area where the leak occurred, giving them the opportunity to leave the area. This device is important because there is a lot of gas that can harm the organic life, such as humans or animals.






Cover sheet 

As we all know that the container ship carrying cargo consisting mostly of containers or so-called container, so that the space muatnya should have holes palkah large enough, or at least the same size as the size of the container so that in the process of unloading muatnya vessel - the vessel is able to do it easily.






Masker full face

In carrying out fumigation fumigator, fumigator should always use safety equipment, including a pack wear, safety shoes, full face mask equipped with a filter canister type A or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).







Safety hat (helmet)

Hats Safety is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very vital and fittings must be used when working in accordance dangers and risks of working to maintain the safety of workers and the people around him. As we understand, the basic minimum PPE (safety helmet, safety shoes and safety glasses) should be worn at all work areas.







Safety shoes

These shoes including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment that must be used when working in accordance hazards and risks of working to maintain the safety of the workers themselves and the people around him.








Dosage depends on the type of commodity fumigation and pest target. Dose fumigation for export commodities, usually determined by quarantine authorities in the destination country. Exporters or fumigation company must determine the dose required by export destination countries. Doses used fumigation also affected by temperature, the lower the temperature, the greater the dose of fumigant used. For temperatures above 21 ° C there is no change in the doses used.
Methyl bromide being circulated in the market concentration was 98% 2% were khloroicrin which serves as a lethal substance (warning agent). How to calculate the fumigation dose is as follows:


Total fumigants used = standard dose x 100/98 x Volume rooms



Other equipment

Ladder Fold, Hazard Tape / Police Line, Signs Warning Danger Poison / Sticker Danger, heating / Evaporizer, Hose Monitor, Glove Cotton, Wrench, Nozzles, Meter, Thermometer (Gauges Temperature), Hose Gas fumigants, Seal Tape, Rope / Mine, cloths, fan, Sand Snake, Hose Placement Tool, Pole Police Line, Trunk, Clamps, White Duct Tape, Duct Tape Black, Cable rollers, Trolley, Folding Ladder, Screwdriver, Blower, Tube Detector.





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